Friday, December 05, 2014

Kapahaka Letter

Dear Mr Gifkins,

I am writing to tell you about why we should participate in Kapahaka more often.  It helps kids and adults to learn about Maori culture and to learn new Maori songs.  Kapahaka is a great thing because you make new friends and at the end of a performance you feel awesome that you have shared a part of your culture with the audience.

Parkvale pride is displayed when we perform kapahaka. I enjoy performing the best that I can with integrity and determination. It would be fantastic if all of the Parkvale school students were able to experience kapahaka including the juniors.

It is important to learn kapahaka at an early age and is easier the more times you practice. If the juniors were started on kapahaka at year 1, Parkvale school would have an awesome kapahaka group by the time they got to year 6.

So Mr.G, I hope we can do Kapahaka more often because more people will learn about Maori culture.  If the year 1’s started Kapahaka, Parkvale school will have a fantastic group by the time they got to year 6.  They would lean heaps of songs so when they are year 6’s they wouldn’t have to learn much.

Yours Sincerely

Braeden Foster

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