Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Its Not Easy Being A Book

Its not easy being  a book because,
I get torn and ripped, by rough human hands.
My colour fades all the time and pages get folded over and used for bookmarks.
Kids draw on me and hot coffee gets all over my pages, and I get crumbs and food on me.
I get thrown around by mean hands.
I get put in boring old bookshelves and dust gets all over me and I start to sneeze, but when I get picked to get read I get really excited.
I don’t like being a book!!!


  1. Kia Ora Braeden

    Great use of personification used to express your ideas about books. I liked the sentence about being on a bookshelf and collecting dust. You also made the connection with dust and sneezing. You are developing into a really good writer Braeden. I enjoy reading your stories, I can picture in my mind what you are talking about. I look forward to reading more stories. Keep them coming. Love you Dad