Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Camp Recount

Last week on the 3rd of April room 10 went to camp at Mrs Roil’s farm.  We went on a Waka ride on the Clive River first, then we went fishing off the Napier Wharf and then to Mrs Roil’s place in Maraekakaho.  The camp lasted 2 days and one night.  We had to build and sleep in our own bivouac.  We got put into camp groups and had to cook our own breakfast, dinner and pudding.  On the second day we had an amazing race and went to Flax Rock.

We drove to Clive to go on the Waka.  A man who owned the Waka said a 20 minute speech about the Waka and himself.  He said he had built the Waka and told us about some of the weapons that the Maori used to use.  We had to make the Waka turn around to get off and we did it with P.R.I.D.E.

When I went fishing, I used a hand line.  It was going really well until the fish took the bait of the hook.  I put some more bait on the hook and tried again but I was just feeding the fish.  Mr Roil had made a net with a flower pot and some netting.  I had a try of it and I got 3 fish in one go.  Take that fish!

After that we went to Mrs Roil’s place.  We had to build our own bivouac out of a tarpaulin, rope and tent pegs and then set up our sleeping gear inside it.  My sleeping group was Liam, Jagdip and myself.  Jagdip and I didn’t want to sleep in it though so we left Liam all by himself.  Jagdip and I slept in a tent with Hamish and Jacob.

For dinner my group made potato chips, raw noodles and burgers.  We sliced some potatoes and cooked them on a little barbeque.  We did the same with the meat patties.  After that we got some plates and put our chips and burgers on them.  When we had done that we scoffed our faces with delicious food. Everybody said that it was yummy!

For pudding we had to cut some oranges in half and get rid of all the flesh from them.  We had to make a chocolate muffin mix.  We put the muffin mix into one half of the orange and put the other half on top.  After we did that we wrapped it in tinfoil 2 times and put it on the fire.  Some of us enjoyed eating it, but I didn’t.
For the amazing race we had to build a human pyramid with our team. I was at the bottom of the pyramid, so my back was just about breaking. We had to pick 1 person to eat cups of rice bubbles and get 2 faces at the bottom of the cup.  When we had done that we got a kayak, paddle and a life jacket and went down to Mrs Roil’s lake.  Then we would paddle down the lake to the end where we got a puzzle.  The puzzle was a paper airplane.  We had to try and put it together.  Then we paddled back and got the kayak out of the water and ran through the finish line.  After that we had to make a raft to carry a doll down the lake.  My team came second.
When we went rock climbing in Flaxmere, we had to climb around the wall and see how far we could go, but I didn’t go very far at all.  Naz climbed the farest.  Then we had to climb up the walls and it was super hard, especially on my arms.  When we had finished a wall we would rotate clockwise.  It was tricky but really fun, so I enjoyed it.

Camp Roil was awesome and probably the best camp ever.  My favourite part was fishing because I caught some fish for the first time.

Thank You Letter

Parkvale School.
Howard St,


Dear Louise,

Thank you so much for giving up your time to come to camp with room 10.  You were really kind helping us cooking our breakfast, dinner and pudding.  You made sure we didn’t get burnt and we put enough oil in the pan.

My favourite part of camp was building the bivouac because it was challenging.  I learnt how to make a bivouac, but I didn’t sleep in one because I thought my sleeping bag would get wet again.  Making bivouacs are really fun.

I really wanted to thank you for helping Twilight Skittles with the amazing race.  You helped us and told us what we should do with the human pyramid and the rest of the race.  Once again thank you for coming to camp with room 10.

Kind regards,
Braeden Foster.



The Forty Coats Man
by Andrea Torrey Balsara

This book is set on a very muddy farm.  A young girl was riding her bike.  She heard something and came to a stop.  It was a grumpy old lady, Mrs Archie, she lives next door to Jerri, the young girl.

Her Parents had moved to Hensley three months earlier.  It was nothing like the city where she was from.  A man with heaps of rags all over him went in a somewhere.  Jerri looked in the direction where he went.

Jerri looked around and it was very quiet except for the pigs oinking.  The man had disappeared between her house and Mrs Archie’s.  She crept up to a shed.  Rubbing dust off with her sleeve, she looked inside.  There were old boxes and a garden hoe.  She suddenly saw a shadow move.  A face filled the window.

The strength of this book is that it grabs your attention and it makes you feel that you never want to stop reading it.  It is a fantastic book to read and has questions along the way.

I think that this book is really interesting and fun.  Jerri screamed and fell back when she saw a shadow.  This is a fantastic book.

Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Using Pixir Editor

Room 10 has been using Pixir Editor.  Can you see my Pukana and weapon?