Friday, April 05, 2013

ABC Challenge Tree

A/     Awesome: I'm awesome at riding my B.M.X bike
B/     Braeden: My name is Braeden
C/     Cakes: My Mum makes delicious cakes
D/     Dog: I have a pet dog, his name is Sha
E/     Eggs: I am allergic to Eggs but not easter eggs
F/     Foster: My last name is Foster
G/     Great: I’m great at making pancakes for Breakfast
H/     Hayfever: I suffer from hayfever
I/     Ice-cream: I make my own feijoa Ice-cream
J/    Jump: I like to jump on the tramp and do hand-stands
K/    Kinas: I don’t like to eat Kinas, but my Dad does
L/    Lemons: I love to eat Juicy lemons
M/    Mum: My Mum likes to cook yummy food
N/    Nana: I have a great Nana
O/    Orange Juice: I like to drink freshly squeezed orange juice
P/    Pikelets: I love to cook Pikelets
Q/    Quizzes: I like to do hard Quizzes
R/    Riana: I have a sister call Riana  
S/     Shane: Shane is my Dad's first name and my middle name
T/     Ticklish: I am very ticklish
U/     Uncles: I have lots of uncles
V/    V8: My Dad has a V8 Holden
W/    Wii: I got a Wii for Christmas
X/     Xray: I had a Xray on my arm
Y/    Yellow: Yellow, the colour of Parkvale School  
Z/     Zoo: I want to go to the Auckland Zoo

I had to create an ABC of things about me. I had to use a sentence for each letter. It was very hard but I did it in the end.