Thursday, January 02, 2014


Road Hazards

Have you ever thought about being safe on the road with a bike? Let me tell you a little bit about hazards. Passing a parked car can be a hazard. Don’t go right up to it and then pass it or stop and then pass. You are meant to go around the car and turn onto the road about 1 metre in front of the car. Take a look at this picture. If you want to find more facts about being safe on the road then read on.

Animals and kids area hazards too. Have you ever been for a bike ride and then a dog sees a cat and he runs out to get the cat? That can be a hazard! Heaps of people hurt themselves with animals running on the road. So be careful and look out for animals. Kids can run on the road to get a ball or something and you could really hurt yourself!

When the road is wet it is very slippery. You could slip and slide and fall over in the middle of the road and  be a meat pattie. So remember slow down when the road is wet when you are biking so you won’t end up like Bob the meat pattie.

Intersections are where most people get hurt. So when you are biking around intersections be really careful so you don’t get hurt.

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