Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Its Not Easy Being A Book

Its not easy being  a book because,
I get torn and ripped, by rough human hands.
My colour fades all the time and pages get folded over and used for bookmarks.
Kids draw on me and hot coffee gets all over my pages, and I get crumbs and food on me.
I get thrown around by mean hands.
I get put in boring old bookshelves and dust gets all over me and I start to sneeze, but when I get picked to get read I get really excited.
I don’t like being a book!!!

Thursday, March 07, 2013

Building a Fort

Building a Fort

“Have you ever built a fort before? I Have.” “Once  I tried to build a fort all by myself,and this is how I did it.” “I gathered up some sticks and twigs and started to build it.” “It went  ok but it kept falling down and crashing.” “I sprinted inside and yelled out to Mum, MUM CAN I HAVE SOME GLUE!!! She said yes,thank you I said a bit quieter.” “So I came back outside and glued the sticks and twigs together, it still wouldn't stay together.”
“Man it was soooo hard.” “So after a while I   gave up and did something else.” “I went to my room and wanted to play on my playstation two, but my lazy Dad was on it,so I asked him if I could have a turn on it and he said after me,and when he says after me he means tomorrow,well that sucks.” “So I decided to go on my scooter,but my little sister Riana was on it, IS THERE ANYTHING THAT I CAN DO!!! I said to myself. So then my Dad came and said to me do you want to come help me with the barbecue, and I said yes.” “Finally,about time that I got to do something that didn't involve some that was too hard.

As you can see I didn't get to build the fort.

By Braeden Foster

Friday, March 01, 2013

How to round

How to Round

  1. Example: Round 6 to the nearest 10.
Options are 0 or 10 the right one is 10. Because 5 or lower is 0, Otherwise if its 6 or higher it would be 10 if you get it then here are some more.

  1. Round 74 to the nearest 10
  2. Round 48 to the nearest 10
  3. Round 21 to the nearest 10
  4. Round 89 to the nearest 10
  5. Round 38 to the nearest 10

Now lets round to the nearest 100

  1. Round 168 to the nearest 100
  2. Round 134 to the nearest 100
  3. Round 127 to the nearest 100
  4. Round 123 to the nearest 100
  5. Round 164 to the nearest 100

I hope this maths made you get better at your rounding. If your want to do more rounding go to you-tube, then type in rounding rap, then click the first one and away you go learning to do your rounding.