Monday, November 10, 2014

Maths Fractions

Eating fractions of pie, pizza and cake
This task is about adding and subtracting fractions.
a) Petra ate two-fifths (2/5 ) of a pizza and Sarah ate one-fifth (1/5 ).  Show how to work out how much pizza they ate altogether.
Answer: ⅗ of the pizza
b) Lima and Paul each had the same sized cake.  Lima ate four-fifths (4/5 ) of his cake and Paul ate three-fifths ( ) of his cake.  Show how to work out how much cake they ate altogether.
Lima:⅘              Paul:3/5
                                                              ⅘+⅗=1 and 2/5
Answer: Lima and Paul ate 1 and ⅔ of cake.
c) Bill ate one-fifth (1/5) of a whole apple pie.  Show how to work out how much pie was left.
       5/5 - 1/5= 4/5  
Answer: ⅘ of the pie is left.
d) Andrew started with one and a half pizzas (1 1/2 ) and ate three-quarters (3/4 ) of a whole pizza.  Show how to work out how much pizza is left.

Answer: ¾ of the pizza is left.