Thursday, July 24, 2014


WALT build our knowledge
Strategies and skills practised:  activating prior knowledge, synthesising
Materials: Our brains, our own thoughts and our journals
Student Groupings:  Reading groups
1. Before you read the text, write down what you already know about the topic
2. During and after the reading, write the new information you have discovered
3. After this, combine your prior knowledge  and the new information you have learnt
4. Share your finding with your group

Synthesis Title-

Prior Knowledge - what I already know
New Information - what I read in the text
Synthesis - my new understanding is
  • Light is in north,
  • You can only see in Winter
  • caused by part of atmosphere and solar flare

  • The magnetic field and the magnetic shield pull the solar wind in with some light that creates the northern lights or the southern lights.  
  • Another name for the northern and Southern lights is the Aurora.

  • The best time to see an Aurora is at 1 a.m. (During daylight saving or midnight.) (For the rest of the year.)
  • The best spot to see it is in the South Island
  • The southern lights are called Aurora Australis  
  • You can see the Aurora up in the Northern Hemisphere and down in the Southern Hemisphere.
  • If you go down the Southern Hemisphere during Winter you might be able to see the Aurora.

My Holiday Highlight

Tenpin Bowling Experience
Have you ever been Tenpin bowling before?  

I threw the bowling ball and it hit the pins.  They made a sound, Boom! Crash! The pins hit the deck.  During the school holidays Dad, my little sister Riana and I went Tenpin bowling.  We went there because Dad wanted to go Tenpin bowling sometime in the holidays.  

Dad said we could have one game and then have lunch.  Riana needed help to bowl her ball so Dad and I helped her.  She almost got a strike but she only hit 9 pins.  When it was Dad’s turn to bowl he got a strike.  He said to me, “Yeah boy!”  It was my turn next.  I only hit 4 pins and on my second turn I hit down 2 pins.

After that, game Dad had won with a total score of 121.  Riana came 2nd with 92 points.  So that meant I came 3rd with 87 points.  My sister was happy that she came second and not last. I thought the Tenpin bowl game was fantastic.  

I really enjoyed playing the game with my sister and Dad because we haven’t played Tenpin bowling for a while.  I hope  that I will win next time we play.  Tenpin Bowling is a really awesome game to play with your family. Now for lunch!