Monday, June 23, 2014

Rabbit Hutch

Matariki Workshops

On the 17th of June 2014 a Maori dance group called the Kahurangi did a show to start our Matariki.  When that was finished we had our Matariki workshops that we had to go to.  My first one was cooking then rakau and then I did string games.  What is Matariki?

For cooking I made fried bread and it was really easy to make.  It took a while but we did it in the end. When Mum makes fried bread she uses yeast but we didn’t use yeast when we were doing our Matariki workshops.  I think everyone liked it because some of the teachers had to come in and have some of our delicious food.  I didn’t have morning tea or lunch because I was full of fried bread.   

Rakau was my second workshop that I went to.  I learnt how to play games with the rakau and I learnt some new songs to go with the rakau.  I do rakau in Kapa Haka so it was really easy.  We do different songs for rakau in Kapa Haka.  I went home that day and I taught Mum and Dad some of the songs we did for Kapa Haka and our Matariki Workshops.  Dad said that he used to do rakau when we was my age.  Mum said that she liked the songs that go with the rakau.

For string games I learnt how to do a cup and saucer.  It took me about 20 minutes to figure out how to make it but I did it just when we had to pack up and go back to class.  Half of us had to do rakoau while the other half got to do string games.  I did rako first and we did a completely different song and actions.  After that I went to do the string games.  I liked string games because I taught my sister how to do it and now she can do it.

The answer to my initial question (what is Matariki?) is a Maori New year and a Maori celebration.  People go there to celebrate the Maori new year.  My favourite one was rako because I learnt some different songs to do with them.  Matariki was awesome!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Amazing Race Reflection

IMG_3554.JPGThis year my favourite thing was when Room 10 went to camp and had an amazing race.  What is an amazing race you ask?  Well, Room 10’s race was completely different than what you see on t.v.  

We started of making a human pyramid with our team that we got put into. My team had five people in it so our human pyramid didn’t look like a pyramid at all.

After that we had to eat little plastic cups of rice bubbles until we had 2 faces at the bottom the cup.  Each group had to pick one person to eat the rice bubbles and my group picked Heith.  We picked him because he can eat anything in 5 seconds.

Then we went to get one kayak, a paddle and two life jackets. Our groups had to carry the kayaks, paddles and life jackets down to Mrs.Roils stream and paddle down to a bridge.  Then we got given a plastic plane that we had to make.  When we had done that we had to get a different person to paddle back to where we started.

After that we had to bring the kayak, paddle and the 2 life jackets and run through the finish line.  The finish line had caution tape between 2 trees.  I thought that camp Roil was a fantastic camp.  My favourite part in the amazing race was putting the paper plane together because Heith was really good at putting stuff like that together.

I think I have improved on maths because last year I always had to have Luca helping me but now I don’t.  Another thing that I think I have improved on is writing because when I show a new piece of writing Mum and Dad always say,  “Great work son, you have improved a lot from last year.”

I think that I need to work more on reading because, Mum and Dad really want me up another reading to level 30.  So I need to read a lot more than I used to if I want to get up to level 30.

The answer to my initial question is (what is an amazing race) is, where there is some teams compete against each other and there are a bunch of fun, challenging activities that you have to do.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Isaiah's Worse Nightmare

photo (11).JPG
This book is based in a graveyard.  There are two people named Isaiah and Becs who are best buddies.  The idea is that the two buddies walk into a graveyard and saw a monkey that had red eyes, a red mouth and black fur, as you can see in this picture.  What would be a good age for this book?

Firstly, I will tell you what this book is about.  This book is about two people that are have been friends for a while and they both walk into a spooky graveyard.  They both see a monkey and in a flash of light they were buried in their own graves alive.  Isaiah was terrified!

Secondly, I will tell you why I chose this title.  I chose this title because Isaiah and Becs are best friends.  I wanted Isaiah to have a really scary dream about monkeys, graveyards and themselves.  They were buried next to each other scared to death.  They were trying so hard to get out of their grave.

Finally, the conclusion.  The answer to my initial question (what would be a good age for this book) is 7 and over. Imagine if you got the same nightmare as Isaiah.  This book is for people that are interested in graveyards, monkeys, nightmares and best friends.