Friday, August 01, 2014

Character Writing

Have you ever met this humorous man before?  This man can be super funny at one point and then, nek minute, boring!  He is average height and has black hair on the top with shades of grey on the sides.  My Dad is Maori and has a built in tan so, he doesn't have to sunbathe.  He also has dark brown eyes and is interested in sports.  Dad is always encouraging me to try new things.  

He is a sporty and competitive man.  Dad loves playing rugby league.  He is a caring man and is very energetic.  This man is a fantastic joker and is always trying to make me laugh.  Whenever he beats me at something, he always says, “Yeah boy!”   Since Dad always wins a card game he says, “Who’s the best?  “Super Dad is.”  “Who is?”  “Super Dad.”  When Dad gets annoyed it looks like he has smoke coming out of his ears and he starts to yell.
Dad is a fantastic teacher and is always helping me with my homework.  Although he isn’t the best cook, he can serve up the best mash potatoes and sausages.  I really like his graffiti art and drawings, Dad is a true artist.

Dad will never get off facebook no matter what you try to do.  He is always at work and has a lot of things to catch up on, so he is always busy.  Even though Dad has a lot of work he would still go on facebook, play league or go for a bike ride.  That is my Dad.

Baked beans on toast

Baked beans on toast

This story is about a boy named Blake, his friends, Uncle Andy and his mum.  Blake wanted to see the latest Jackie Chan movie.  He had been doing chores around the house and his mum promised him that she would pay him to go to the movie.  
Mum had gone to the Empire instead and spent all of her money on the pokie machines.  Blake went down the street and his Uncle Andy gave him a fright.  Uncle Andy said to Blake that he thought he would be going the the movies.  Blake said that there would probably be a lot of people in the theater.  Uncle Andy gave Blake some money to go to the movies, but he said that he would have to chop some wood for him tomorrow.  

Blake went home and had bake beans on toast for tea.  Mum said that she was sorry for playing on the pokies and not giving Blake any money to go to the Jackie Chan movie.  Mum told Blake that Uncle Andy would help her stop playing on the pokie machines.