Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Camp Kaitawa Rata Tree

This is an art work that room 20 has done. This one here is my one. I used water colours and a sharpie pen.I think it looks like a Rata Tree, do you?
 This is what a Rata Tree is meant to look like.

Camp Senses poem

I see: Glow Worms sparkling in the dark
I Hear: People cheering other people in handball
I Smell: Delicious pancakes sizling in the pan
I Taste: The scrumscious pancakes in my mouth
I Feel: The freezing water when I went kayaking
I Think: Camp Kaitawa was an amazing place.

Stop Motion Animator

This is a Stop Motion video. To do it you need to download the stop motion player. With this one here, I took three photos at once. It is a really fun thing to do in raining days, in the weekends and even in the school holidays. Mohit and I had created this one here.

Mysterious Creature

This is my report about the imaginary creature called the Chimp Dog.