Tuesday, April 15, 2014


The Forty Coats Man
by Andrea Torrey Balsara

This book is set on a very muddy farm.  A young girl was riding her bike.  She heard something and came to a stop.  It was a grumpy old lady, Mrs Archie, she lives next door to Jerri, the young girl.

Her Parents had moved to Hensley three months earlier.  It was nothing like the city where she was from.  A man with heaps of rags all over him went in a somewhere.  Jerri looked in the direction where he went.

Jerri looked around and it was very quiet except for the pigs oinking.  The man had disappeared between her house and Mrs Archie’s.  She crept up to a shed.  Rubbing dust off with her sleeve, she looked inside.  There were old boxes and a garden hoe.  She suddenly saw a shadow move.  A face filled the window.

The strength of this book is that it grabs your attention and it makes you feel that you never want to stop reading it.  It is a fantastic book to read and has questions along the way.

I think that this book is really interesting and fun.  Jerri screamed and fell back when she saw a shadow.  This is a fantastic book.

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