Thursday, September 19, 2013

Optimist Yachting and Kayaking Day 1

Yachting day 1 by Braeden Foster on GoAnimate

This is a GoAnimate that I made about the first day.

Reflection for Yachting and Kayaking
Something I was pleased with was how Matthew helped me when we were in the optimist yacht, because I had no idea how to sail an optimist yacht.
I really enjoyed learning how to sail a yacht and a kayak because it was a fantastic experience for me and it was awesome.

Something I found hard was to sail the yacht the correct way and not go overboard. I found this hard because sometimes we were just sitting there and not moving.
Something that made me think was why we had to put our right had on the blue tape when we had to go kayaking. This made me think because on other kayaks they don’t have the blue tape.

Something I want to get better at is to sail the yacht because I got confused doing it.

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  1. Great video Braeden and what a amazing reflection.